FFX Runner is a very addictive racing flash game which is very popular among the children. The game may seem very simple but when you start playing it, you realize that it is awesome. The mission of the player in this small game is very simple : you have to get away from the guys who are trying to kill you. According to the plot, mafia chasing you to kill, with their huge cars. You ride a small yellow car, which is not so fast and powerful as other cars, that’s why you need to get the FFX icons all the time to get fuel and the Repair icon to get your car repaired after the enemy attacks. The health indicator as well as the fuel indicator is situated in top corners of the game. The most interesting thing about this game, is that it don’t game good graphics, it don’t offer the player an awesome physics-based effects, but it is still addictive and popular. So, don’t waster your time, start playing the FFX Runner right now and try to escape from mafia using your great driver talents.