3 Things To Consider When Purchasing an A Engagement Ring

So you’ve finally decided to pop the question and ask the person you love to marry you. You probably have a million different things on your mind. How and where are you going to propose? What will her family say? What kind of ring will you choose? Here are three things to consider when the time comes to purchase an engagement ring.


Hopefully you were paying attention when your girlfriend dropped hints about what style ring she hoped to one day wear. If not, or if she has never mentioned anything, there are still ways to figure out what she will like. Do some digging to see if she has a wedding Pinterest board or look through her current jewelry. Once you have a general idea, it’s time to purchase the ring itself in person. If you want to make it truly special, take a trip east to the diamond district to find diamond engagement rings NY NY.


You can’t exactly ask your fiancé-to-be what her ring size is. Your best bet is to use one of her current rings to get a good idea, preferably one that she wears on the ring finger of her right hand. Another option to ask one of her friends. Even if the friend doesn’t have this insight, it will be much less suspicious for her best friend to ask her ring size than if the question came from you.


For extra peace of mind, consider getting the ring insured. Some jewelers will offer insurance for a single piece of jewelry. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, you may also be able to purchase an extension for the ring. Be sure to read the policy carefully to make sure the ring is protected in a variety of situations, including theft or property damage.

With a bit of extra thought and planning, your girlfriend is sure to love the ring you choose. Now all that’s left is to come up with the perfect way to present it to her!