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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Our Daily Lives

When someone talks about artificial intelligence, you might start thinking of robots and other advanced mechanisms. But, do you know that come into contact with artificial intelligence in manners you could least imagine? From the apparent virtual personal assistants to the mere related recommendations you get when you search for things on the Internet or applications software, artificial intelligence is evident in many forms in our modern life and continues to be applied every day. Below are the implications of artificial intelligence in our lives every day.

Through virtual personal assistants and smart home devices, we are able to manage our tasks more efficiently and save on costs respectively. Applications such as Siri, Google Now, Cortana, etc. help people locate useful details and remind them to carry out important tasks.

A lot of smart home devices are now incorporating the ability to study behavior patterns and alter settings automatically to preserve energy and enhance satisfaction. It can be seen in some thermostats and lighting systems.

Artificial intelligence is incorporated in many firms to protect your money and information, and in security systems to keep you safe. Have you ever wondered what prompts your bank to ask you if you have made a purchase using your credit card or received an email alerting you to change your account’s password if you are not the one who accessed your account on certain devices? Artificial intelligence is normally in use to protect your information based on suspicion of fishy activity.

Security systems incorporate artificial intelligence to keep you covered even when your fellow humans blink while watching surveillance cameras. Security algorithms watch cameras and alert security officers when they sense threats.

Increased gratification
Many entertainment features and websites use artificial intelligence to enhance your experience on them. For example, some corporations have a chat support bot on their websites to solve any problems you may encounter. These bots gather information from the site and present it to customers whenever they ask for it.

Some video games study your behaviors, respond to stimuli, act unpredictably, and you’re your opponents analyzing things like humans do to increase their chances of winning. These things make the games more fun.

Businesses today feel the increasing need to anticipate their customers’ needs to stay ahead of their competition. Some of them are using predictive analytics algorithms to present you with targeted advertisements, offer you discounts, send you coupons, etc. to enhance their sales. Also, some virtual personal assistants continually study their users and are likely to anticipate their needs in the future.

In entertainment and on the Internet, you can make discoveries using the related recommendations offered to you based on your interests and choices. For instance, associated articles can teach you something new, and the movie or music suggestions can give you other options which you will enjoy as well.

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