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Why Massage is Important

It is common to have postural stress whether you are at work, driving your car, in school, or at home. A lot of us spend the most part of our day sitting and give very little time to physical activities. Our bodies and our overall health have been affected by this kind of lifestyle. If you are sitting at work for a long time your body endures stress and contributes to your poor posture which then leads to pain in the neck and arms, lower back, and rotator cuff strains.

Luckily massage can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting, which means you can keep your desk job-as long as you schedule a regular massage.

With massage, cramped muscles can be relaxed to put them back in their normal condition. Pain distribution is also improved and this is just like when you are rubbing your elbow continuously when you hit it on the table so that the pain will be eased.
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In a safe, friendly, and professional environment, human touch can be incredible therapeutic and relaxing. Massage can specifically target areas where you carry anxiety symptoms in parts of your body like the shoulders, back, and neck. If there is tension in some parts of your body, applying massage to these parts increases the level of oxytocin and serotonin which lowers stress levels. Your blood pressure will be lowered and you mood be elevated with regular massage therapy which could also create the feeling of relaxation. A lower heart rate and improved breathing is the results of a relaxed body due to massage. You can easily achieve deep sleep sine your muscles will remember the sensation enough to recreate it at home. In other words, it does not only counteracts all that sitting you do, it not only eases those muscle pain, it also help soothes your anxiety and depression.
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Also, research continuous to show not only the enormous benefits of touch which range from treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders, and injuries, to alleviating the tensions of modern lifestyles. Even the medical community is actively embracing bodywork, and massage as becoming an integral part of hospice care and neonatal intensive care units. Many hospitals are also incorporating on-site massage practitioners and even spas to treat post-surgery or pain patients as part of the recovery process.

So now we can say that this practice that has been held for thousands of years by the ancients which include pressing, rubbing, and moving muscles and soft tissues with the use of the fingers and hands is, after all, part of conventional medicine. If you have regular massage, it can contribute to a healthy and youthful life with each passing year.

Budgeting time and money at consistent intervals in truly an investment in your health, and remember that just because massage feels like a pampering treat, it does not mean that it is any less therapeutic.