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How to Keep Track of Employee Hours

If your company has a considerable employee size, then what better option that to use an automated time clock software to keep track of their employee hours in a very easy way. If you are still using timesheets for keeping employee time, even if your employees are just very few, adding these time sheets can really be a hassle. Your time will be taken up computing and adding employee hours each week, and this wastes valuable time which could be used for other productive tasks. What better way to add up employee hours in a matter of seconds conveniently but by using this software which allows employees to clock in from any computer screen without much hassle. You can find many options out there. If you will choose software that will allow unlimited number of employees, then you will still be able to use it even if your business grows very large with more employees coming in. You should also look for one that offers quality support so that if there are problems with it, then you can easily turn to the company for help. The software should also be visual and user friendly.

If you want an old fashioned way of keeping your employee hours, then you can also use a punch clock. Punch clocks are not expensive and it is also a semi-automated hour tracking device for your employees. You can search online for punch clocks for sale which you can still find, with some offering good bargains. However, punch clocks have also a few disadvantage. There is no way that an employee can cheat on his or her time because it keeps an accurate record, but you have to gather all the data and calculate manually how many hours each employee has worked for that payroll period, and so you go back to a non-automated time consuming method. Employees will find it fun and interesting using a punch clock.

Using time cards and time sheets are the oldest forms of recording employee hours. If you really want to save on this tasks, then using time cards and sheets is the best way since you don’t buy any devices to keep time. It is possible to make the time cards yourself so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The disadvantages to this method is a lot more than the other two. Making erroneous inputs on your time card is possible if your employee is dishonest and want to make gains for himself. Some employees round up their time to in their favor instead of the company’s so you end up paying for fractions of time where there was no work done. In this method, you also have to add up employee hours manually which takes a lot of time. If honesty is instilled in your employees then this method is still the best if you business is still small and starting.

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