Making Your Marriage Proposal Memorable

Finding the one person who will be the love of your life is a big deal and your engagement should be a memorable and emotional event. The ways to do this are as varied as the people who become engaged but there are a few meaningful elements that can make it a special moment.

A Token of Lasting Love

In ancient times wedding rings were woven of reeds or forged of iron as a symbol of ownership. Although the purpose and materials have changed greatly, the wedding ring endures as a powerful symbol of love. Just take a look at the gorgeous diamond engagement rings NY NY has to offer and you’ll see what a beautiful heirloom they can be.

A Memento of the Moment

Arrange for a small take-away reminder which could serve as a reminder of the day the two of you decided to become one. A small handwritten note or poem that you tucked into a bouquet of flowers, a video capturing the special moment for posterity, or a meaningful item that can be the beginning of a collection to be added to at special times throughout your years together would be ideal.

Variations on a Theme

If you always talk about going to France, take her to a French restaurant with the promise of a honeymoon in France. Or if you have a song that is meaningful have it playing in the background and dance together in the moonlight. If there is a movie she has seen 32 times and would watch that many more, center the proposal around it. Be creative, but keep it personal.

Incorporating a few of these things is not critical to the proposal itself. They are, however a good indication that you have paid attention and care about her interests and feelings and set a the stage for a good marriage relationship.